Rights and obligations

Dutch law assigns certain rights and obligations to both landlords and tenants. Having some knowledge may come in handy.  After all, it will allow you to stand up for yourself when needed, as well as know what is expected of you. We have compiled some basics for you:

  • The tenant can terminate the tenancy agreement monthly;
  • It is illegal for landlords to ask a fee for mediation (in Dutch: bemiddelingskosten) ;
  • You are protected by law from being expelled from your house overnight. Your landlord always has to give you notice (usually at least a month) before being allowed to expel you;
  • Without your express permission, your landlord is not allowed to enter your room(s);
  • If agreed in the rental contract, the landlord is not allowed to shut off gas, water, or electricity to the house;
  • Renovations to your room or house are the landlord’s responsibility. Additionally, the landlord is not allowed to offer you a room with unliveable conditions;
  • Small repairs to the house are your own responsibility.  This includes, for example, changing a broken lightbulb. These repairs can neither be outsourced nor billed to your landlord;
  • You are obligated to pay your rent in time. Additionally, you are not allowed to cause disturbances or purposely break things;
  • When your rental contract ends, you may be asked to leave your accommodation in a specific state.  Examples include being asked to fill up drill holes in the wall or return the floor to its bare concrete state. Failing to do these things may lead to bills and fines.

Are you still in doubt about your rights and obligations? Further information can be gained through free legal advice through Het Juridisch Loket