Termination of the rental contract

The landlord indicates in the rental contract how you can terminate the rent. Sometimes you can give notice via the landlord's website and sometimes you have to send a letter or e-mail. If you want to be sure that you receive your notice, send a registered letter in which you terminate the rent. If you send a registered letter, you will receive a proof of posting and receipt. The recipient must sign it as an acknowledgement of receipt.

Rules apply when terminating the rent. These include the notice period (usually at least one month) and how you should leave the rented property. This is often stated in your rental contract.

If you have a temporary rental contract, the tenancy period runs until the date stated in the tenancy agreement. You are not obliged to continue renting until the end date; you can always terminate the rent earlier.

With intermediate tenancy, subtenancy or residence stewardship, you temporarily take over a residence from the current tenant. For example because the tenant is abroad. When the original tenant returns, the house is his again. You then have to leave the property. You enter into an agreement with each other for a specific period. This agreement cannot be terminated prematurely.

Moving to a new place
If you are moving to a new place, please keep in mind that you need time to move. Therefore, accept a few days of double rent so that you have enough time to move from one place to the other