How do I find accommodation?

How do I find accommodation?

How do I find accommodation?

Finding a suitable accommodation to live can sometimes seem complicated. What can you rent, who do you need to contact, where do you find them, how do you get in touch? These things you have probably wondered about before. Let us tell you what types of landlords there are, what types of living spaces you can rent and how you can search for accommodation in the best way.

This step-by-step plan is meant to help you out:

Step 1:Determine which type of landlord you want to rent from. Both social and private (non-subsidised) housing can be rented in The Netherlands. We also explain the difference between these different types of landlords.

Step 2: Determine in which type of accommodation you want to live. The type of accommodation must suit your financial situation, but also your needs. Do you want to share facilities? Do you want peace and quiet? These are choices that only you can make. We will show you which types of accommodation you can choose from.

Step 3: Look for a place to live. Of course, you can google accommodations at random, but perhaps you can narrow your search down? Read more about finding independent spaces to live and finding spaces to live in a residential group or student home. And when should you start looking? Will you start your search six months ahead of time or are you planning to do it at a month’s notice? We will explain how you can tackle this issue.

Step 4: Be critical if you have found a place to live. We will give you some tips for finding out whether you are dealing with a reliable landlord.

Step 5: Be prepared. Do you have a temporary rental contract or do you already know that you want to move again in the future? If you have found accommodation via SCIS Housing, you will be automatically unsubscribed when you have signed your rental agreement. Read more about what you can do now to ensure that you can find a nice home again in the future.