Living in Leiden

Congratulations! You have succeeded in finding a nice place for yourself via SCIS. Fantastic! Now you have found housing it is important to have your affairs in order. How do you start? And above all, where? This step-by-step plan will help you.

Step 1: Register with the municipality.
If it is your first time in the Netherlands, you will need to go to the municipality in person for a "first registration". If you are going to move within or to another municipality, you can do this digitally with your DigiD. You can pass on your new address details to the municipality from four weeks before your planned move until five days after you move.

Step 2: Gas, water, electricity
Once you have found a nice home, you will want to be warm and cosy. For this you need gas, water, electricity  and actually also internet and/or television.

Step 3: Waste
You may already be wondering this while you are doing the odd jobs, or perhaps only when you have just moved into your new room or house: Where do you actually take your rubbish? Read here  where you can dispose of your waste.

Step 4: Income
When you live on your own, it is good to have a good insight into your income and expenses. This prevents you from having a bit left over at the end of the month. Check for yourself whether you can make use of one of the following incomes:

If you are working at an university, there is a might be a chance that you are eligible governmental allowances, such as:  
- Rent allowance
- Health care allowance

Step 5: Expenses
If you are working and you are going to live on your own, it can be difficult to determine how much money you will actually need for a telephone, shopping or leisure activities. In the Netherlands, you can find this information at Nibud. We will tell you more about living-related expenses here.

Basic rent and service costs
Gas, water, electricity, internet and/or TV
City taxes
Insurance: Household contents, third-party liability, health insurance