Health care allowance

If you live in the Netherlands, you are obliged to have health insurance for essential care. For employees on payroll a basic public health care insurance is mandatory. For guest employees a private health care insurance is sufficient.
Because everyone aged 18 and older is obliged to be insured and the government wants everyone to be able to insure themselves, the care allowance was devised. Care allowance is a financial contribution for people with a minimal income, so that you can still pay for the compulsory insurance. Your income determines whether you are entitled to it. Are you entitled to it? Then you will receive a monthly payment from the government that you can use to pay for your health insurance. Young people and students are often entitled to care allowance, because they earn relatively little. You can make a test calculation to see whether you are entitled to care allowance. You can apply for the allowance via mijn toeslagen. You need a DigiD to do so.