Looking for another place to live?

Looking for another place to live?

Is your rental contract coming to an end and are you looking for another place to live? Below you can find some advice!

Current tenant via SCIS
If you are already living in one of the accommodations we offered you through SCIS Housing, please be advised that our office cannot facilitate internal moving. Contracts cannot be extended. Our main goal is the easy landing of international staff who are not yet in The Netherlands. We trust that staff who is already in the country, have the options of searching for alternative accommodation themselves. Of course, we can assist you in finding accommodation through private offers. 

Register again
When you are entering into your first rental contract but you already know it's a temporary one? You are allowed to register again for a private offer through SCIS.  The private offers are visible at all time on our housing platform. In Leiden a lot of rental agents are active, who can also help you to find new accommodation,

Searching for new accommodation
Let people and colleagues around you know that you are looking for accommodation and take the time to search in advance. Respond to vacant accommodation in time. Check carefully what the starting date of the lease is, so that you do not have a double rent for too long. (but a short period of double rent is common practice.)

Cancelling the old lease and signing the new lease
Consult with the new landlord about the starting date and talk with your previous landlord about the date of termination. Usually, you need to give notice one month ahead of time, although this may be different with a temporary rental contract. Ask your landlord about this. You will need time to move; therefore, you may have to accept paying double rent for a number of days, so that you have enough time to move from one accommodation to another.