Rent an apartment in Leiden

Rent an apartment in Leiden? Register now!

Would you like us to assist you with finding accommodation or do you wish to respond to a private rental property you have seen? Then register as a candidate at SCIS Housing. In your profile you can indicate your preferences so that you immediately find the accommodation that suit you. Got curious? View the most current range of private offers online.

The apartments out of our own segment, will be offered 1 on 1 based on date of registration and housing requirements.

You can register if:

  • you are a (guest) staff member at Leiden University;
  • you are a PhD student or researcher at Leiden University;
  • you are PhD candidate at LUMC.

Why rent through SCIS Housing?

  • Affordable & reliable accommodation
  • In most cases you can apply for rental allowance
  • Properties with a mixed international group
  • Furnished or just upholstered
  • Private offers that we view ourselves
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