Calculating rent

Do you want to calculate what you have to pay monthly for rent, then it is useful to know what we mean by:

Total rent 

The total amount you pay monthly.

Net or basic rent 

The rental amount without the service costs or other costs.

Service costs

 The monthly fixed costs for heating costs, sewer maintenance, glass fund, housekeeping costs, cleaning of common areas and the like (the service costs differ per complex).

Gas, water and electricity utilities 

How much you have to pay the advance for gas, water and electricy is per accomodation different. Sometimes it is settled in the rent, sometimes you have to pay it to the energy compagnies themselves. In the advertisement of the accommodation you can check which costs are or are not part of your total rent.

Calculation rent or eligible rent (for rental allowance) 

Basic rent plus eligible service costs.

One-time costs

Possibly the landlord charges you one-time costs. This is different per landlord. The one-time costs may consist of administration costs and, for example, a deposit.