Each landlord or owner has his own rules. Some landlords or owners make demands on, for instance:

  • age;
  • if you must be an employee or a student;
  • level of income etc.

The social rental sector
If the owner is a housing corporation, you will rent a house in the social sector. In the social rental sector, a maximum for rental prices has been set. The social rental sector aims to keep rental housing affordable for people with a lower income. For socials rentals, a maximum rent and a maximum annual rent increase apply. The income of a tenant of a social rental house may not exceed a certain amount. As a tenant in the social rental sector you may be eligible for rental allowance.

The private rental sector
In the private sector, houses are rented at higher rents than in the social rental sector. This means that it is cheaper to rent a room, studio, apartment or house in the social sector than in the private and non-subsidised sector. There are fewer rules for renting in the private sector. No maximum rent is set, but the annual increase is limited, as it is the social rental sector. You cannot apply for rental allowance.

To qualify for rent allowance, the government has set a number of rules. You can read more about this at 'Rental allowance'

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