Terms and conditions

A.    General Provisions

  1. Universiteit Leiden- SCIS is offering a website through ZIG.nl for staff housing.
  2. The Conditions of Use apply to all registrations by house hunters in the house hunters register and the use of the scis-housing.universiteitleiden.nl website.
  3. This house hunters register was set up to make it possible for house hunters to be eligible for staff housing offered via the Zig offering instrument. 
  4. By keeping the house hunters register, Universiteit Leiden/ SCIS- Housing facilitates intermediary services for staff housing on behalf of its members. Personal data is used in accordance with the requirements set by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. For more information, please consult the privacy statement. 
  5. The Conditions of Use apply from 5 July 2022. 


The terms used in the Conditions of Use have the following meanings, unless a (different) meaning is attached to these elsewhere in these Conditions of Use. 

A person who has (been offered) a labour agreement or guest registration with Leiden University.

Doctoral candidate 
A person preparing for a doctorate as referred to in Section 7.18 of the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act. Either at Leiden University or LUMC 

Self-contained dwelling 
A dwelling that has its own front door and own facilities, such as a kitchen and sanitary fittings. 

Non-self-contained dwelling 
A dwelling that does not have its own front door and/or has one or more shared facilities, such as a kitchen and sanitary fittings. 

Staff housing 
A self-contained or non-self-contained dwelling intended for staff, doctoral candidates and related target groups to be indicated by Universiteit Leiden/SCIS- Housing. 

House hunter 
The person who is registered or is going to register in the house hunters register in order to find staff housing within the territory of the housing corporations and other offerors of staff housing that participate in SCIS-Housing. 

A house hunter's registration in the SCIS-Housing house hunters register. 

Registration date 
The date on which a house hunter has registered on SCIS-Housing, provided that the registration fee has been paid in time. 

Registration time 
The period between the registration date and the closing date of the advertisement.

To indicate that one wishes to apply for specific staff housing on the basis of an advertisement and/or housing offer on SCIS-Housing. 

Response period 
The period in which people can respond to an advertisement. The housing is advertised on SCIS-Housing for this period of time. 

Candidates list 
The list of house hunters that have responded to a specific advertisement on SCIS-Housing, ranked according to the allocation criteria that have been laid down for the relevant advertisement. 

Offer of a dwelling 
A dwelling being offered to the house hunter who has accepted the dwelling, meets the requirements and is the highest-ranking candidate on the list of candidates.


Terms and Conditions
You can register in the SCIS-Housing house hunters register under the following conditions:

1.1 You are 18 years or older.
1.2 You have Dutch nationality, have legal residency status or will get legal residency status after arriving in the Netherlands.
1.3 You are or going to be a staff member, or you are or are going to be a doctoral candidate at either Universiteit Leiden or LUMC.
1.4 Registration may be subject to costs, to be determined by Universiteit Leiden/SCIS-Housing.

2. Validity of the registration
2.1 Your registration must be complete and up-to-date, and be completed truthfully. You are personally responsible for that. If, after a dwelling is offered, a check of the details proves that the details are incorrect, SCIS-Housing may withdraw the offer of a dwelling.
2.2 A 14-days legal reconsideration time-out is applicable to your registration. You refrain from this time-out by accepting an offered dwelling on SCIS-Housing within this period. For a request for restitution, you can use the contact form on the SCIS-Housing website within the 14 days legal reconsideration time-out.
2.3 You may only be registered once. SCIS-Housing will remove any additional registrations.
2.4 Your registration provides the opportunity to make a current response to a housing unit offered by SCIS Housing. A current response is a response to an advertisement for which the response period has not yet expired or a response to a housing unit for which the response period to the advertisement has expired, but for which the highest ranked candidate on the candidate list has not yet signed a lease.

3. The following details are required for registration:

  • Initials
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Country of residence
  • City of residence 

4. Term of the registration
4.1 From the moment you register on SCIS-Housing, your registration is valid indefinitely.
4.2 From your registration date on, you will have three days to pay the registration fee. If you fail
to do so, your details will be removed.

5. Fees
5.1 The use of SCIS-Housing is subject to a € 35,00 fee and will be credited to the third-party account of ZIG Websoftware. This fee must be paid before you can accept an offered dwelling on SCIS-Housing.
5.2 You can pay by making use of the payment methods listed on the website.
5.3 However, SCIS-Housing reserves the right to delete/block accounts if you fail to pay or fail to pay ontime.
5.4 If your account is deleted as referred to under 2.2, the transfer of the fee will be paid back to you onto your account as soon as possible.

6. Blocked registration
The Staff of SCIS Housing are authorised to block the registration in the following cases:
6.1 You have been offered a dwelling, and have yet to sign the lease agreement for the relevant
dwelling. This block will be lifted after you have signed the lease agreement.
6.2 You have accepted a dwelling, but decide against accepting the offered dwelling after all. This
block will be lifted after payment of one month’s rent and administrative costs.
6.3 When you have rejected three personal offers from SCIS-Housing that correspond to your preferences, your account will be blocked for three months. Only after three months you will be able to respond to offers again.
6.4 The block, along with the reason for the block, will be communicated on your personal page 
on SCIS Housing (‘My SCIS HOUSING’), and you will be sent an email with an explanation. Your registration will continue to be valid throughout the block, and the term will count towards your registration time. However, you will not be able to post responses.

7. Termination of the registration
Your registration will be terminated in the following cases:
7.1 If you indicate that you no longer wish to be registered.
7.2 You have accepted a personal housing offer by SCIS housing 

8. Intermediary services for housing
8.1 Leiden University/SCIS Housing will offer staff housing through the website. The
advertisement contains information on the dwelling. SCIS Housing is authorised to amend or withdraw an advertisement if it proves to contain errors and/or inaccuracies, or the dwelling is no longer available for rent.
8.2 You can respond to an advertisement as soon as it is personally offered to you based on your ranking on the waiting list. Private offers are visible to all  on the waiting list. These properties are not personally offered, you can contact the landlord directly. You will be eligible for a dwelling if:

  • You are validly registered in the SCIS-Housing register;
  • You have responded to an offered advertised dwelling within the response period;
  • You are eligible for staff housing pursuant to the municipal or regional Housing Regulation;
  • You meet the requirements listed in the advertisement;
  • You have not accepted another dwelling for which you have not signed the lease agreement yet.

8.3 The conditions under which you may be eligible for a dwelling and the manner in which the order for the candidates list is determined will be stated in the advertisement.
8.4 The housing association or other offeror will offer the house hunter who, pursuant to Article
8.2 and 8.3, is eligible for a staff/PhD dwelling a lease agreement. This offer is made subject to the correctness of the contents of the advertisement and the availability of the dwelling.
8.5 The housing association or other offeror may refuse to offer the house hunter an agreement if, among other things:

  • The position on the candidates list was wrongfully obtained;
  • If the conditions of the advertisement have not been complied with;
  • The house hunter does not have Dutch nationality and no legal residency status;
  • If it turns out that the house hunter is not a (guest) staff member of Universiteit Leiden or PhD at LUMC

9. Availability and maintenance
9.1 Zig.nl will make every effort to ensure the services are available, but does not guarantee uninterrupted availability.
9.2 Zig will actively maintain the Platform. If the maintenance will lead to a limitation of the availability, Zig will – wherever possible – have it take place outside of office hours. Maintenance will be announced in advance. In the event of calamities, maintenance may take place at any time, and prior announcement will not be possible.

10. Use of the personal data
SCIS Housing uses your personal data:

  • In order to determine your ranking on the candidates list when you respond to a dwelling;
  • For research and survey purposes, personal offers and direct mail, only for the benefit of intermediary services for housing.

11. House hunter's rights
Through your registration, you are entitled to:

  • Careful management of the registration details by SCIS-Housing/Zig and the housing associations and other offerors affiliated with it, within the frameworks of the Privacy statement of Universiteit Leiden;
  • Help from SCIS Housing employees when registering or responding;
  • Inspection of your registration. This is possible on the ‘Mijn overzicht’ page on the SCIS-Housing website.

12. Miscellaneous provisions
12.1 This agreement is governed by Dutch law. Any disputes are submitted to the competent Dutch court.
12.2 Universiteit Leiden/SCIS Housing can change these conditions unilaterally, for example if changes in laws or regulations require it to do so. In the event of a change, the user may cancel the account.
12.3 Changes will be announced on the SCIS-Housing website.