Rules and registration terms

First registration

You can register as a candidate at Universiteit Leiden:

  • If you are a (guest) employee at Leiden University;
  • If you are a PhD candidate at Leiden University;
  • If you are a PhD candidate at LUMC;
  • If you are a current tenant via SCIS.

A registration at Universiteit Leiden costs € 35,- euros. If you register, you create a username and password yourself. After registration you will receive a registration confirmation via e-mail. You can then respond to the housing offer. Do not forget to check your data regularly.

Managing your own registration

Your registration must be complete, accurate and truthful. It is important that your registration details remain up-to-date. You are responsible for this yourself. Do not forget to check this regularly via 'My SCIS Housing'. If it turns out that your registration details are not correct, we can, for example, withdraw an offer for an accommodation.

Termination of registration

You can unsubscribe yourself as a house hunter at any time. In addition, there are a number of ways in which we can terminate your registration:

  • Your registration expires when you accept an offer;
  • If you do not respond to an offer or reject three times, your registration will be blocked for three months.